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    A CertiCall Never Forgets

    Have you ever hung up from a phone call wishing you
    could’ve recorded it? Now you can. Easily record your
    phone calls from any phone, any time, anywhere.

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    Turn Any Phone Call Into
    An Agreement

    Finally, an easier way to do business. Introducing the first phone-friendly, ESIGN compliant way to make agreements on the go. Certify important phone calls with a voice signature – as enforceable as written agreements.

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    Businesses Big and Small Love CertiCall

    There’s no room for error in your business communications. Rely on CertiCall to get down to business and get it right the first time.

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    Power In The Palm
    Of Your Hand

    Our fast paced, highly mobile society demands accuracy and immediacy. Avoid missed opportunities and lapses in memory when you’re on the go.

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    It’s Your Word and Theirs

    Your phone calls are the building blocks of communications and commitment. Spend less time arguing over who said what, and more time following up on what was actually said.

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  • Before CertiCall, closing a deal with a client used to take a week or more after talking to them on the phone. Now that we’re using CertiCall, we can eliminate timely and costly mistakes and misunderstandings. CertiCall acts as my memory and I can now recall all the details needed for my parties. There’s nothing worse than thinking you heard “peach”, when it was actually “pink” ; ) Michele R., Event Planner

  • Harvesting verified ratings and reviews from patients is so simple with CertiCall. Our agents utilize the inbound calling feature and choose the “on demand” CertiCall option. The drudgery of compiling verified ratings and reviews has been streamlined into a secure, HIPAA compliant end-to-end process. Using this service has been a godsend. Robert Baxter, Ameradas

  • I’ve introduced CertiCall to my clients who are seeking a divorce; and with simple phone calls they identify areas of agreement and narrow their differences. The CertiCall system helps parties remember and abide by their separation and child custody commitments. Judicial enforcement proceedings are minimized or far more manageable. CertiCall makes short work of an uncontested divorce. Marc G. Epstein, Attorney

  • Distilling deal points from endless email exchanges was consistently a frustrating experience. Since I’ve started using CertiCall, negotiations are conducted in real time, and issues can be joined head on. The real-time, on the record approach, allows me to smoke out hidden objections. I can now summarize deal points in a single recorded segment. I recommend this service enthusiastically to any broker or deal-maker. Randy Rosa, Attorney

  • I’m a contractor and all too often I have aggravating disputes with my clients about things they can’t remember, especially change orders. Sometimes a client won’t want to pay me claiming I gave them something they didn’t order. A friend told me about CertiCall and I decided to try it. Boy, it’s made a big difference in the way I’m now conducting business. Because I can replay what we discussed in the change order, there’s no more arguing. Tony Malley, Home Builder

  • I own an online business selling discount jewelry. Much of my frustration comes from placing orders with vendors and receiving wrong shipments that I didn’t order. Since I discovered your service though, I’m never at a disadvantage anymore. I use CertiCall to record all my telephone orders so I now have proof of what the vendors guaranteed me. It’s easy to share the calls when there’s a dispute too.ThanksCertiCall! KarenGreisman, BargainJewelryandmore.com

Providing businesses and consumers with a certified, anywhere, anytime call recording and retrieval capability.

  • Most Complete Tool Set

    Easy to use phone & web tools. Securely record, archive, retrieve, certify, download, share, transcribe & search. Advanced security features include tamper proof recordings.

  • Instant Access

    Easy access to high quality recordings on the phone or web. Search by name, number or keyword. Easily track access of shared calls.

  • E-SIGN Compliant

    All recordings are by affirmative consent and are accessible by all parties. Most Certicalls are as enforceable as written agreements.

  • Flexible Outbound Recording

    Choose from a personal, two party or “on demand” option to start recording at any time during the call. Incoming recording coming soon!

  • One Touch Controls

    One key control and simple menus give you control of it all. Make multiple recorded calls without hanging up. Intuitive dashboard.

  • Integrated ID verification

    Accurate ID Verification is an option that enhances credibility and enforceability among authenticated users.

  • Certified Transcription

    Timely, accurate trusted live agent transcription. Transcribe the whole recording or save money transcribing selected segments.

  • Trusted Third Party

    CertiCall is the leading provider of Patented Certified Communications as an unbiased third party. We provide secure authorized access to all call participants.

  • Healthcare Industry

    Doctors confirm diagnoses & treatment plans with patients who can listen to the call multiple times for detailed instructions. Obtain certified consents and have proof of what was said with a simple phone call.

  • Divorce

    Help divorcing spouses confirm seperation terms & child custody commitments. Recorded conversations increase civility, reduce legal bills & provide proof of what was said

  • Construction

    Contractors & their clients preserve critical conversations regarding job modifications. Easily retrieve confirmation of accepted change orders and other details.

  • Human Resources

    Record & Share employment offers, references, interviews, disciplinary notices, exit interviews, COBRA instructions and special notices.

  • Insurance

    Record & Certify evidentiary statements, accident & claim investigations & settlement offers.

  • Reporting

    Take a certified interview by phone and know who you’re interviewing. Capture all details of the interview; transcribe all or segments of your recording.

  • Law Enforcement

    Investigations by Police & law enforcers can rely on timely ID verified, recorded & certified statements; probation officers can record all phone calls to confirm compliance.

  • Verified Reviews

    Gather reviews and ratings from verified sources. Certify those testimonials are real & transcribe only those segments necessary. Perform multiple interviews with ease.

  • Direct Response

    Catalog, TV shopping & direct response merchants confirm consumer acceptance of product, services & payment terms; Archive helps dispute chargebacks.

  • Social Media

    Make easy verbal agreements & capture details of a discussion or deal. When you get ready to buy, barter or rent from a social network, CertiCall helps confirm understandings, verify ID’s & protects your interest with unknown parties.

  • Creative Thinkers

    If you’re a musician, poet or speechwriter, use CertiCall’s “personal memo” feature to prove authorship of work. Date & time stamping, secure archives & hash values protect your original work from infringement.

  • Third Party Verification

    CertiCall can operate as a neutral third party verification for authorizations provided by a consumer. An example would be verification of a consumer’s change in telecommunications carriers.

  • 1. CALL
    Dial your access number, enter your PIN and choose from menu options.
  • 2. CONNECT
    CertiCall automatically connects you, gathers consent from participants and records segments of the conversation with one touch, on demand.
  • 3. CONTROL
    When the CertiCall is complete, all participants are provided access to the call. Visit your online account to retrieve, share, download, or order a transcript.